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Chapter IIntroduction
Chapter IIDigital Basics
Chapter IIIDigital Image Capture
Chapter IVDigital Image Preparation
Chapter VThe Precision Digital Negatives Process
Chapter VIAlternative Photographic Processes and Digital
Chapter VIIInkjet Negatives
Chapter VIIILaser and LED Negatives
Chapter IXImagesetter Negatives
Chapter XOutput Device Compared
Chapter XICalibration - Variables to Consider
Chapter XIIOverview of the Calibration Process
Chapter XIIICalibration - Step Tablets & Palettes
Chapter XIVCalibration - The Standard Printing Time
Chapter XVCalibration - Determining the Negative Density Range
Chapter XVICalibration—Determining The Custom Process Adjustment Curve for a Linearized Print
Chapter XVIIMaking a Digital Negative and a Print
Chapter XVIIIEvaluating the Print
Chapter XIXChemistry or Curve - When to Use One, the Other, or Both
Chapter XXThe Future
Appendix AGlossary of Terms
Appendix BSuggested Reading
Appendix CResources
Appendix DLinks