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Mark Nelson's Photography

Mark Nelson's Personal Photography

LightBox, Inc. Custom Photo Lab

A custom photo lab which produces outstanding work. Bruce & Nancy Starrenburg.

Dick Arentz Platinum & Palladium Printing

Dick Arentz, author of Platinum & Palladium Printing, lists his books for sale, workshops and other information on beautiful PT/PD process.

Conrad Machine Company

Manufactures very fine etching presses.  I have the American French Tool Table Top Press by Conrad Machine Company and I love it!

Bostick & Sullivan

Photo Grade chemistry for the amateur and professional photographer. I purchase my chemicals here!


Source for the premium Film Transparency for making digital negatives. This is the film I use.

The Image Flow

Mill Valley Custom Printing & Workshops

Unblinking Eye

Ed Buffaloe's site for Alternative Photosgraphy. Great Articles!


Systems Solutions Ink is a great source for Hasselblad and Imacon equipment!

Chris Anderson Photography

Chris is a great photographer and gum printer—check out her publicaion: Alternative Processes Condensed—a great manual on Alternative Processes.

David Michael Kennedy Photography

Cyber Pathways

This is the company that helped me design my site, as well as provide all the functionality.